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June 11, 1994      Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM

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Iris DeMent Garrison KeillorRed Clay Ramblers Andy Stein.

Songs, tunes, and poems

Spanish Johnny ( Garrison Keillor )
On the Goodnight trail ( Garrison Keillor )
Billy the Kid ( Garrison Keillor )
The Old West ( Garrison Keillor )
Twilight on the Trail ( Garrison Keillor )
Miss Molly ( Andy Stein )
Darling says (Red Clay Ramblers  )
Crept into the crypt and cried (Red Clay Ramblers  )
Should've seen it coming (Red Clay Ramblers  )
Darling says (Red Clay Ramblers  )

Sketches, Sponsors, People, Places

American Duct Tape Council
Breath Beans Nasal Deodorant
Cafe Boeuf
Forest Lawn Hair Products for Men
Freeport Flyers
Guy Noir- Private Eye
Guy's Shoes
Powdermilk Biscuits

'The News from Lake Wobegon'

Mr. Magandanz shoots at a marauding raccoon with his 12-gauge and misses, taking out the mirror in the Wohl's house. Everybody stayed around in case someone comes by and asks what happened. The LW Whippets lost to the Freeport Flyers 9 to 4. Last day of school. Kids get C's when they had hoped for B's. Lack of understanding of "laissez faire" means they will not be doctors but clerks at the super market. The teachers suddenly vanish and collapse in the teacher's lounge. Everyone except a few Teens for Christ leaves early The kids all bring armaments to defend the flagpole. The Future Farmers of America appear in a tractor-drawn hay rack with an air compressor and a 100-gallon drum full of livestock by products.

Other mentions/discussions during the show

Naming Albuquerque after Al Bukerky. Santa Fe is an adobe theme park. Larry's sister, Eileen, who moved from Minnesota tells all that's wrong with New Mexico. New Mexico ranches and cowboys. D&RGW means Dangerous and Rapidly Growing Worse. D. H. Lawrence writes "Lady Chatterly's Lover and comes to NM to find people who can't read. Brings culture, chablis, Chopin, and public radio to Georgia O'Keefe. Guy Noir, Private Eye. Guy and Lou shoot each other over Vicki from Albuquerque.

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Notes and References

Ad from May 8 Albuquerque Journal / Photo by Jim Thompson / Incomplete rundown by Frank Berto

Archival contributors: Frank Berto

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