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Search Tips:

Quotation marks can be used effectively to:
» search for specific phrases, such as "Skoglund's Five and Dime"
» literally search for the words and, or, or not within a phrase. For example, "Love or Money" will return items with that exact phrase whereas Love or Money will return documents with either the word Love or the word Money included within.

Use the "operators" +, -, and, or, and not to more effectively search:
» Keillor Thompson Ostroushko will return items with ANY of those names in it (Keillor or Thompson or Ostroushko produces the same result).
» Keillor and Thompson and Ostroushko (or Keillor +Thompson +Ostroushko) will return only items with ALL of those names in it, in any order.
» Keillor and Thompson not Ostroushko (or Keillor +Thompson -Ostroushko) will return items that include Keillor and Thompson but do not include Ostroushko.
» Pow* will return items with words that begin with Pow, such as Powdermilk, power, powwow, etc.