A PHC Archive

A free, unofficial, crowd-sourced archive. It's a... Prairie Home Companion companion.

Statement of purpose

A Prairie Home Companion is a national treasure- an important body of work that will have a lasting impact on generations to come. We are committed to providing a free, comprehensive archive of the show and its related brethren. More accurately, this is an archive of Garrison's shows and appearances- reaching beyond a PHC.

The official Prairie Home site and are both excellent references. The official site, however, lacks a few important things: It a) has no detailed, native search engine, b) has very little information on the first 20+ years of the show, and c) does not appear to go beyond the scope of broadcast shows. Garrison's site contains many more shows, but has no search engine and can be quite a challenge (impossible?) to chronologically navigate. Our goal is to fill in the gaps, improve navigation, and make searching easier and more powerful.

Today in history...
1981 World Theater, St Paul MN
1982 Bovard Auditorium, Los Angeles CA
1987 World Theater, St Paul MN
1998 Fort Lewis Field House, Durango CO
1999 Northrup Auditorium, Minneapolis MN
2012 Radisson Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis MN
2015 Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Woodinville WA


Many (most?) of Garrison's shows were never broadcast and go under names other than PHC - The American Radio Company of the Air, Lake Wobegon Revisited, Lake Wobegon Loyalty Days, Symphony shows, Summer Love Tour, The Story of Guys, The Sweet Corn Show, Annual Pre-Millennium Tour, Rhubarb Tour, book readings, etc. This site documents these shows as well as they are often similar in format to a PHC. This archive does not knowingly include re-broadcast or compilation shows- only original shows on the date performed.

With our comprehensive search engine, you can look at the data in many different ways and ask:
  -How many times was the show in city? state? venue?
  -How often and when was song/sketch/artist featured on the show?
  -What songs has artist sung on the show and when?
  -My favorite resident of Lake Wobegon is this person. Show me all the times she was talked about.
    and much more...

Have you seen Garrison live?

Click the Shows link on the menu, find the show you attended, and tell us all about it at the bottom of the page using your Facebook profile.

How you can help- become an archival volunteer

The sheer volume of data associated with these shows is staggering and we've got a lot of archiving yet to do! You can help by listening to shows and documenting them here as you listen. Or by converting existing analog paper into digital gold by helping with data entry. All you need is a login. Send us an email, convince us you're a faithful Wobegonian (it helps to have an existing editor vouch for you), and we'll hook you up with all the details!

So far, we've documented:
- 2847 shows/appearances
- 1053 participants
- 4063 song performances
- 1543 newspaper articles
- 370 'News' reports- 72 of which are full transcriptions

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